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My interest in the process of photography goes back to childhood when my father gave me a basic camera: I set up a darkroom in a redundant coal shed and used an enlarger I made at school. My interest soon waned however, and until I retired I used my camera to record family and holidays.

Digital cameras and processing images on a computer became affordable just as I retired and for me that was a ‘eureka’ moment, as I never really enjoyed darkroom processing.

My photography is all about seeking out locations and situations and then capturing what I see before me. I also confess to being obsessed with image manipulation seeking always to recreate in my images, that feeling I had about the scene when I pressed the camera shutter.

I live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales giving me easy access to some beautiful countryside but, in addition to photographing landscapes I enjoy the challenges set by cities and streets; sport is a new diversion for me and something I hope to do more of.

I am a member of Ilkley Camera Club.

This website gives me the means of showing off some of my images, I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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